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We had a blast at our #JCortès Mannequin challenge with a bunch of enthusiastic Cortèsiens. One last step: make it go viral. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed posing for it!

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Yes, we did it again. Another 5 years on top of the impressive 85! We celebrated our 90th anniversary with all the Cortèsiens and are proud to share some images of the memorable night. Thank you Cnocspot Creative Agency, you made history.

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J.Cortès loves to be unique and ever changing. As advertising cigars is simply off limits you have to be creative. That’s why we surprised our customers with an amazing Virtual Reality movie. We held our European launch at InterTabac and as you can see people were blown away.

The subject of the movie was pretty straightforward. At the beginning of summer, we purchased Oliva Cigars, an artisanal cigar company known for its handmade cigars. What better way to celebrate the marriage between Cortès and Oliva Cigars than with an exceptional movie? Have a look at some of our customers' reactions at InterTabac in Dortmund 2016.


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